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Mediation.  Years of courtroom experience has taught me that the best
outcome for your  family will most likely not be delivered by the court system.
The judge, commissioner, or magistrate has a very small snapshot of your
family and a very limited amount of time during which he or she must make a

After dedicating my career to family law litigation, I recently shifted the focus of
my practice from the often destructive and expensive model of litigating family
law matters to a much less adversarial mediation practice.

I know that the issues brought to mediation are of vital importance to both
parties. I also know that the legal process is often complex, frustrating and
expensive. My focus is to help assess and negotiate these issues in an
efficient but thorough manner, so that I can assist you in creating practical and
satisfactory solutions.

Guardian ad Litem.  Every child deserves a stable and safe place, with a
loving and supportive family.  As a Guardian ad Litem (GAL), my purpose is to
advocate for these children. I work hard to conduct a complete investigation
and provide a report that will assist the parents and the court in determining
what custody and/or residential time decisions will be in the child(ren)'s best
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